Hair Blow Dryer

Hair blow dryer was first introduced in the late 19th century. Blow dryers either blow out hot or cold hair for making the air molecules in the hair strands evaporate quickly. They are generally used by almost all for the lack of time for drying hair naturally. It makes the hair more manageable. It even style up by accelerating and curling up the free dead fringes of the hair. It adds volume and as it removes the tangles well, the hair looks shinier. But its functioning fails in more moisture. All the styling and curling go away with only one shower or if anyone unfortunately gets drenched in rain. So blow dryers first make the hair totally free of moisture and then add its function of altering the style.

The bare coiled nichrome wire is the main component of making the best hair dryer for fine hair heated up. This coiled wires remains wrapped up around a mica heating board. Bad conduction of electricity and failure of oxidizing power make the nichrome wire to be chosen as the heated substance in the dryer. Various dryers even use ceramic compounds also. Ceramic gets heated very easily and so it is used for less electric consumption. Many such machines are designed with an extra option which helps in blowing room temperature air when needed. Blow dryers with a regulator must always be preferred so that the temperature can be maintained without going for the same hot air over and over again.

Many hair styling gels and serums are available in the market to be applied with the dryer. These help in keeping the style made by the dryer intact for a longer time. They even cut down the moisture content of the air from causing damage. Many people think that the hair blow dryer damages the hair in the long run. So hair stylists should be concerned for better application of these devices along with a regular hair care routine.

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